Energy Sector

Mini/Small Hydro power Development

One Door Solution provides a 1.5 Months training on the design of Mini/Small Hydro power schemes. This training course offers the opportunities for gaining knowledge in planning and design of mini and small hydro power projects.

Trainees for this program are provided an opportunity to build up linkages with colleagues in other countries and to gain experience. The training is conducted by wide range of lecturers with different expertise, who are working as expert in hydro power and energy sector. Investors, economists and planners besides engineers are also welcomed on this course and special provision is made for the relevant infrastructural topics including subsidy policy, the economics of renewable energies, and management issues.

Beside these One Door Solution also provide tailor made Training Program as per need of the industry.

The training program covers
  • Overview of hydropower development in Nepal.
  • Policies related to Mini / Small hydropower development.
  • Hydrological Survey, Data Analysis and Design Flow Estimation.
  • Geological Assessment of Hydropower projects
  • EIA / IEE and social impact on hydropower development.
  • Civil, hydro mechanical & electro mechanical works.
  • Switchyard & selection of equipment.
  • Power Evacuation and Interconnection system/Transmission and Distribution.
  • Design based on Micro hydro power(MHP) design aid.
  • Design based on design tools such as ArcGIS, SW DTM, AutoCAD & Land Development
  • Project Scheduling using MS Project.
  • Economic & Financial Analysis of hydropower development.
  • Cost Estimation and Reporting.
  • Site Visit (Discharge Measurement, Survey Practice and Site Demonstration).
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Renewable Energy System Design

One Door Solution provides a 15 days training on the design of Solar Powered renewable energy system design. The following topics are covered

  • Load Calculation
  • Module Array / Sizing
  • Battery System Sizing
  • Charge Controller & Wire Sizing
  • Off Grid Installation System
  • Stand-Alone Off-grid System
  • Stand-Alone Off-grid Hybrid System
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